What is yosakoi?

Yosakoi is a style of japanese group dance, fast-paced and very energetic. Yosakoi is a dance from the city of Kochi, in Shikoku island. It was created in 1954 to boost the country's economy and the cities damaged by the war. Mixing a traditional style with modern moves and energetic rhythms, yosakoi is now danced all over Japan. Yosakoi uses naruko, sorts of wooden instruments that the dancers hold in their hands. Naruko were used to frighten birds away from the rice fields. Yosakoi can also be danced holding a fan or a lantern. The dancers wear any type of clothes, traditional or casual.

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Yosakoi demonstration


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Our yosakoi team

Yosakoi Paris Hinodemai was founded in 2014 to promote the Japanese dance Yosakoi. The team counts more than 20 members from all age. Hinodemai trains twice a week with passion in Paris and performed in various events in France, Japan Expo in Paris and Marseille, but also Arras and Rennes as well as abroad. Hinodemai is proud to have been granted the title of Yosakoi Ambassador Team in 2016.

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30Active members
56Gourmet meals
Broken Naruko67Broken naruko


Hinodemai makes shows for differents festivals in France, like Japan Expo in Paris or Japan Expo Sud at Marseille, even abroad like Folklorissimo at Brussels.
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Journal du Japon

Hinodemai, une troupe de danse traditionnelle à l'énergie débordante


Japan Expo 2018

Le plus grand rassemblement européen de danseurs de yosakoi !


Journal du Japon

Portrait de passionnée : quand le yosakoi emmène une ambassadrice à Kochi



Two trainings a week

  • Tuesday evening from 8PM to 10PM
  • Saturday morning from 10AM to 12AM

Training places

  • Paris Anim' Victoire Tinayre
  • MPAA La Canopée
  • Parc de la Villette
  • Parc Montsouris


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